Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Strange creature and a Shady girl on a Sunday morning

I was sitting at a long table outside a Warehouse.
It is a really big and old style Warehouse.
The one that has a lot of window and most of them are broken.
I was sitting there and facing to the Ocean.
There were other people around me as well, they all kept chatting to each other.
I guess I was here by myself.
So I have nothing to do except starring out at the Ocean outside.
I'm not sure that whether I'm working/ eating or reading a book when I saw this creature came by.
This creature is totally has a strange looking.
He is big like a big dog, walking on 4 legs, White furry all over the body, Round Blue eyes, has 2 small horn on head like a Giraffe and a mouth likes a Duck.

Here's a sketch from my memory.

He almost walked pass me when I thought that this creature looks really strange (and weird)
As if he heard my thought, he turn his head to me and smile.
I have to say it was a friendly smile but I'm still not sure how should I response.
He stand there for a moment and start walking directly to me.
Other people around me didn't seem to interesting, maybe this creature is a regular around here.
He stop in front of my table (I'm glad that there was a table between me and him).
Then he put his head on the table, seem like he want me to pad his head.
So I pad his head, lightly. He seem so happy and open his mouth with a smile.
He opened it so wide and wider and wider.
It's wider enough that you can put your head in his mouth.
I wouldn't do that if I were you.
Then he might felt that I'm a bit scared, so he put his hand (foot?) on a table as to say it was ok.
I touch his hand and he reply me back with a really strong crunch.
Before I knew what happened, I found myself walking in a Warehouse with a girl.
She is talking to me and I'm listening to her.
She has a Short Dark hair, wear black T-shirt, Black short pant, long White strip sock and a small Black shoes.
I can't really tell how did she looks like, I mean, I still can see her face but I can't tell what I saw.
Looks like everything on her is in Black and White, including herself.
All I can see is a shade of her.
From the conversation we're having, I can tell that she is an Artist, a Concept Artist or maybe an Illustrator.
We kept walking and talking (actually I'm only a listener) until we reach to the end of the Warehouse.
She just finished her talking, so she sit on a wooden crate and waiting.
I guess this is my turn to speak, so I said.
"Are you working or still in school?"
What a dump question…
She looked back at me and said
"I'm kinda bored, so I'm start to do something fun"
I'm not really sure that she answered my question or not.
Then she asked me if she could see "How to train your Dragon" Artbook from my bookshelf behind me, which I had no idea since when I start carrying my bookshelf around with me.
She start looking at it and we have a comment about Hairstyle, like how the hair on top will looks neat but the hair on the bottom part will looks messy.
Doesn’t our hair looks like that in real life also?
Another comment is about a Robot Desgin, which (again) I couldn't remember the part that I saw a Robot in How to train your Dragon.
While she still commenting about the Robot, I look at her again.
There's something in her that I try to find but I don't know what is it just yet.
Until I found it!

I saw a Blue Cartoony looking Tattoo on the side of her head just above her right ear.
It was the only part on her that has a color.
And it was Blue…
Before I start doing anything, she disappeared…
And I found myself lying in bed on a Sunday morning.

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