Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Midnight Magic

It was around 8 pm, when I walked back home.
Eventhough it was sunny during the day time.
Butat night time, It’s getting darker and colder.
The sun was already gone but I can’t see the moon just yet.
The fog is too strong tonight…
So I kept walking on the street.
Same street, same building, seem like everything ‘re the same as usual.
But not tonight.
While I was walking to escape from the night’s cold, I heard a voice.
” What a nice weather tonight, isn’t it?”
I look back for the voice, and saw a guy in a flat cap.
He’s standing in a shadow of light, I can’t really see his face.
“Yes, it is” I replied back (but maybe it’s too cold!)
Now, he walk toward the light.
He was in a middle of 50, Grey hair and a Grey mustache.
He wear an old coat but claen, both of his hands were in his pocket.
His voice has a deep but soft tone in it.
“Do you remember me?” asked by a stranger
I was hesistated for a bit ” Huh? Umm, no I don’t think so”
“Are you from Academy?” said the man.
“Yeah…, well I used to be.” I answered
“Somehow I think I remember you” the man reply and he move to the other side of the street.
I search back in my memory  to find a trace of this stranger.
“Are you a model from my class?” I kept the air alive.
“No, no I don’t” the man said.
I’m still searching, he has something similar to my Sculpture teacher.
“Have you heard about Midnight Magic” said the man.
I clueless replied back ” Umm, Midnight Magic… well, I never heard about it before”
Somehow I think I saw a slight of disappear in his eyes.
He silence for a moment then keep talking.
” They made a movie about it ” He said
So it was a movie, huh? I speak in my mind.
“Yeah, they made a story about it” He continued.
“It’s been 7 years already that they made it”
“And it was about me…
I’m a Midnight Magic”
“So, you ‘re a Midnight Magic” I asked surprisingly.
(Heck, like I know what is Midnight Magic. Maybe somekind of Superhero)
“Yes, I am” Midnight Magic replied
” As time goes by, everything changed”
“You can kept the samething forever, sometime you needed to change”
Right, at this moment I feel like I was a boy in some mystery movie who was about to get a Super Power from a Legendary Wizard.
“Do you have a good heart” Midnight Magic said.
“Umm ,well not really. I think me heart isn’t pure at all” I hearthy replied back.
He looks surprise a bit or maybe my English is suck so the word I said doesn’t make sense at all.
“I mean…” he’s searching for his word
“Have you ever want to do something good for someone”
“I did sometime but not always” I replied back
“It’s depends” I finish my sentence.
He smiled at me and said “I got a test for you tonight”
Ok, at this point, I thnik I’m in some movie already….
“Have you heard about a Cordor” Midnight Magic started.
“Umm, Nope. What is it?” I asked him back.
“It’s a place across Golden Gate Bridge” Midnight Magic replied.
“I live there”
So he’s from another side of the town.
“I alway came here twice a month (or two month a once, I’m not sure)”
“To help homeless people”
And there’s a homeless just passed by and asking for a quater behind me.
“Not now, not now” Midnight Magic told the homeless.
Homeless looks disappointed and walked away.
“Unfortunately, today after I came to town and help people” Mid night Magic continued
“I just realized that I left my wallet back at home and my phone is dead”
“So, you need a ride back home then” I asked straight to the point.
“No, no I got my car in a garage” Midnight Magic said and took something out from his pocket.
“But I have to pay for 36$”
Alright, prologue ended.
“All I have is 32$” Midnight Magic told me with a saddess tone in his voice.
“So you need 4$ more” I said.
If you were me, what ‘ll you gonna do?
I took my wallet out and give him 4$ without hesitation.
(I don’t know why I didn’t hesistate at all, maybe it was a magic)
“Oh, thank you” Midnight Magic replied with a really happy voice.
He took my cash and put it together with his cash.
“What’s your name” Midnight Magic said
“I’m Toy” I replied.
“Yes, Toy” sometime it’s kinda annoying when I have to repeat my name everytime I introduce it.
“I’m Alan” Midnight Magic said.
“So you’re Alan the “Midnight Magic”" I said.
“Yes, I am” Midnight Magic replied.
“Alright then have a good night, Alan the “Midnight Magic”" I did really wish him a good night
“Thank you, you too” Alan said.
“Will I see you again?” I asked.
Alan didn’t say anything.
He smiled at me and walk to the dark of the night.
Before I knew, he’s suddenly vanished in the middle of fog.
Right, like what I said.
Tonight, I just saved the Midnight Magic…

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